Avenue C Advisors Making Your Environmental Programs Count

Avenue C brings proven expertise to support businesses and organizations in understanding their energy risks and associated environmental impacts, and to create strategic programs to cost-effectively reduce these impacts. Our primary expertise is in the area of environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its most prominent example - carbon footprinting. Our goal is to help you do real work with real numbers to support real business decisions.

Our services are in three focus areas related to LCA and carbon footprinting:
Plan, perform, and review your LCA work

Our goal is to align your life cycle assessment strategy with your business goals. We start with a discussion of your business goals, and can point you towards the right resources to start and procure the analysis, and can perform your assessment. We also are able to peer review your work or that of an outside company.
Provide the necessary background in LCA

Our goal is to ensure your team is fluent in the current standards and practices in the field. We have successfully developed web-based remote training as well as on-site educational programs for up to 15 participants that teach the basics of LCA, carbon footprinting, and related standards.
Translate your analysis into a plan of action

Our goal is not just doing studies, but linking the results of analysis to programs and strategies that will reduce your impacts and demonstrate the sustainability of your products, services, and programs. We consider various alternatives to improve environmental performance and identify cost effective solutions to help you reach your goals.